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Final Fantasy – Amano Art vs Nomura Art

I was requested to give some examples of Amano and Nomura art for comparison purposes. I will say this, though. On the internet scene, this is a topic best left alone. There is a constant raging war in the Final Fantasy fanbase over which artist has the superior types of artwork. We will not get into that. Below are a few examples of character designs by both Amano and Nomura (made at the same time). Click the names to view the artwork.

Cloud Strife/Aeris Gainsborough – Amano
Cloud Strife – Nomura

Yuna – Amano

Yuna – Nomura

Tidus – Amano
Tidus – Nomura

As you can see, they have very different styles. Nomura has a bit more “detail”, as I might call it.  Many consider his art more “anime-like”.  I don’t know exactly how to say it, just that it is very different from Amano’s artwork.

I will leave this debated topic alone, in terms of preference.

I’ll be back with more soon!
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