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Amano History: Final Fantasy 2007-2011

After Final Fantasy XII hit, Amano was working on the next title of the series, Final Fantasy XIII, but production was painfully slow, so he got to work on an interesting project for the series before then.

For the series’ 20th Anniversary, Square Enix constructed a game that combined Role Playing elements and Fighting elements that would involve characters from every Final Fantasy game up to that point, dubbed Dissidia, which was Latin for “Conflict”.

This game released on the 20th anniversary of the series, December 2007, and below is artwork Amano did, depicting the ten main characters, along with their leader, the goddess Cosmos.

Notice the combination in artistic styles in this. There are some characters that look dark and some light. These are all heroes of the game, but this one piece of artwork could represent 20 years of artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Each individual character is derived from the initial designs he made for them in their original games.

Still awaiting Final Fantasy XIII development, Amano provided artwork for Square’s second sequel game, dubbed Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which was a sequel to Final Fantasy IV, which debuted back in 1991.  The After Years released in 2008.  Below is artwork Amano provided for The After Years, re-used through the promotional art for Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection (due out in April 2011)

After a long wait, Final Fantasy XIII finished development and debuted in late 2010. Below is artwork Amano made for the game’s main characters.

Notice that, like the Dissidia artwork, the characters are a mixture of dark and light colors, perhaps symbolizing a period in which Amano is combining his artistic styles into one style, or a “combination style”.

The next Final Fantasy game, and the latest one as of late, as far as main series goes, is Final Fantasy XIV. This debuted in early 2011 and was a return to the online gaming scene. Below is artwork Amano contributed to the collector’s edition boxart for the game.

Like Final Fantasy XII, the character in this artwork is covered in black armor. This was not soley Amano’s doing, as the character in the game already has black armor. This is very different for a hero-like character (although there’s no real “main” character, since players use customized avatars throughout the game). The one thing that’s static was the thought that this was perhaps a premonition of fans’ dislike in the game, as it were in Final Fantasy XII (Which is very true. Many fans of the series dislike both XII and XIV).

I’ll be back in the next post with future artwork for the series and then I’ll go onto Amano’s other work.

I’ll be back with a new post soon!
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