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Amano History: Final Fantasy 2000

Once 2000 hit, Amano returned as the main artist of a Final Fantasy game, when Final Fantasy IX hit the stage. This game was to be a “retro” type game and be a big montage to everything the series had stood for up to that point. Below is artwork for Zidane Tribal, the main protagonist of the game.

This is similar to the artwork of Cloud Strife from VII that Amano made, symbolizing the game’s symbolism of being a mixture of recent and classic Final Fantasy at the time. He had curvy hair and had a combination of light and dark colors.

Another character from the series’ Amano art is below, whom is named Garland, one of the main antagonists who also is speculated to be the same Garland antagonist from the original game.

This was also shown as a mix of light and dark. Unlike Zidane, though, Garland is dominated mostly by his black armor and cape, with the only bright colors coming from his wavy hair and the red jewel on his chest plate.

After Final Fantasy IX was through, Nomura switched back as head designer and Amano went back to promotions and logo art.

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Amano History: Final Fantasy 1997-1999

After 1997 hit, Tetsuya Nomura took over as the main artist for the Final Fantasy series.  Despite the part of “Main Artist” being taken by Nomura, Amano suck with Square and began a habit of doing promotional artwork and logo artwork.

The first Final Fantasy that Amano did promotional artwork was Final Fantasy VII, said to be the most popular of the franchise.  Amano did artwork for three characters from this game.  The following is one of Amano’s sketches of Cloud Strife and Aeris Gainsborough.

From this artwork, you can tell Amano really did some nice work with that curvy method of drawing he has. There is almost nothing in this entire piece of artwork that doesn’t have curvy lines of some sort. This, actually, is not terribly similar to the appearance of the two characters because of how different Nomura’s sketches were than Amano’s.

This difference is not that bad, though.  It can give the viewer a different kind of perspective of these two characters.  This piece of art is actually very sad, as it pertains to a particularly sad cutscene from the game.

Next in line was Final Fantasy VIII, which debuted in 1999.  Below is a very colorful concept art from Amano for the main characters of the game.

This game’s artwork is mostly dominated with Amano’s “colorful” style as opposed to the wavy style. This was filled with a lot of bright colors, which Amano used to stray from the “serious’ tone of the game’s storyline. This is an interesting way to portray the characters, as most people who have played the game wouldn’t expect to see these characters in a more “cartoony” artwork that Amano presented.

After this game, however, Amano made a big comeback, which is to come in my next post.

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